Zoom closer! This maxim guides my eye as a photographer. Keep trimming the superfluous – get to the core of what makes the view...art.

I admire the fresh originality Jamaicans apply when painting road-side structures. At times they exhibit both a freedom of expression and artistic intention that transcend decorative arts to become works of art. Captivated by this novel genre, I travelled the parishes of St. Mary, Portland, St. Thomas and St. Andrew over three months in early 2017, distilling images that convey to viewers the high level of sophistication and beauty to be seen on painted shanties. Excluding the context by zooming in on where the best elements come together, and performing my own alchemy with composition and technical settings, I enhance the visual power of each image to create another work of art.  At the same time, I hope to open a window into the heart of creative Jamaica.

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